How We Create Growth

There are no secrets, no black boxes involved in our approach to building sustainable bank growth. It’s a systematic, data-driven process that’s proven to work for banks of all sizes. It’s measurable, trackable, accountable and, best of all, repeatable. Our approach is built on the same scientific method that scientists use to understand what is and is not producing a change. And by following a scientific approach, we eliminate much of the risk and are always learning from every marketing campaign.

Define Growth Objectives

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

A critical and often overlooked step in the process of marketing is determining how we will measure a program’s success. We begin by defining how the program will be evaluated, down to the reports we will produce to track our progress. By specifically defining our measures of success, we can more accurately determine what must happen in the program and what metrics need to be monitored during the campaign to know if we are on track to meet the bank’s goals.

Research Market Situation

Do your homework

To launch a program without a thorough understanding of your market, your prospects/customers and your competition is to trust your results to luck. We believe that research and analysis reduce both risk and the need for luck to be successful. For a cross-selling program, this would involve analyzing your customer base to understand what kinds of customers and opportunities you have. For an acquisition program, this would involve studying the market to see where your existing customers come from and quantifying the pool of prospects in those areas.

Develop Campaign Plan

Plan your course of action

Once we understand your goals and your targets, we develop a plan of action to accomplish those goals, typically beginning with a segmentation plan. We will identify the elements of the program, the timing of each step, the intervals at which we will measure our progress, and the level of investment that will be required to reach your goals. For every client, we consider the benefits and risks of a variety of tactics. Only then do we recommend a comprehensive plan across the appropriate channels.

Execute Sales & Marketing Efforts

Coordinate multiple channels to produce results

Many marketers will jump right in at this point … and just start doing. By this step in the process, we’ve got a solid plan. Now it’s time for action. Mail. Email. Call. Regardless of the marketing tactic, Splawn & Ward has the experience to put it all together into a coordinated plan and to execute it in a comprehensive, coordinated manner. It’s impossible to overstate the value of the personal follow up, which is one reason we created a bank-specific CRM sales tool to help make those vital follow up calls easier to do, easier to track, and easier to monitor.

Report & Analyze Results

Measure and adjust

Throughout the course of any program, we measure results and report on them in an actionable way. Well defined reporting helps us understand what’s working and what parts of the sales process need attention. Because the data never lies, we can measure every element of the program (from targeting to the offer to the sales force) adding both accountability and intentional learning to the program.